Friday, December 14, 2007


The Christmas party was tonight. Cocktails from 6-7. Cocktail hour can be a truly exciting time in anyone's life, except the person who just started 2 weeks ago and knows... er... no one. So, in true Jenkins' fashion we left way too early to make it there at 6:30 to avoid being there the full hour. Well, because we left so early we made it at exactly 6:00. We sat in the parking lot of Sunset Hills Country Club and entertained ourselves by singings various songs and reenacting the apple commercial like you can not see, but hear, above. I thought you all would enjoy it. I thought you all would also enjoy the window into our relationship... the maturity that is. Also, it gives you an appreciation for what Jordan puts up with day after day after day after day. I think it is the repetition that is just so darn annoying at times. And brevity was never my strong-suit. Plus when you are the youngest child of a family of 6, you have to be heard. And when volume gets knocked out, you just repeat. Can I get an "amen"!!


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Rebecca said...

Amen, sister!!! I remember many a time that I heard you over and over and over and over until someone acknowledged you. You sweet thing. first born is a high-volume repeater...thanks, 'preciate it.