Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ah... middle school

he was looking for an old watch. it was the watch he used to wear back in high school, so it was hidden far in the depths of the "middle school/high school memories box".

Jordan and I drove back for about 5 hours today from Nashville. A quick stop by our house to unload the unloadables and off we went to West County to pick up the pup. Caroline was so excited to see us! She welcomed us with open wet kisses and wagged her nub as best she could. While I tended to her feeding and "let's hurry up" aka "tee-tee today Caroline", Jordan was downstairs looking for the watch. Caroline and I eventually made our way downstairs to see these memories he was digging up and see if I could rummage up a white elephant gift. Shhhh...

All it took was this short exchange between the two of us... barely a breath within the sentences and I realized again how much I love my husband:

"We can't take everything back. What are you bringing?"

"Look! Did you see my label maker?! Ok, I'm definitely taking my throwing knife and... POGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jordan had his label maker to mark his territory. I had a stamp made out of my third grade picture that made its way to every golden book in our home. It now makes my 3 year old niece sad because "It is Hannah's book and Aunt Suzzy on it". Regardless, we... in all our weird and young glory... are made for one another. And I love it.

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