Sunday, November 25, 2007

centro v. well, me

When Jordan first received his blackberry back about a year and a half ago I thought to myself, "dude, this thing is sooo cool!" I mean why wouldn't I? I could check my gmail-- of which I maybe receive 1-2 emails a day. I could check the weather. I could check CNN. I could check facebook. I looked important. Brilliance, and I wanted it. But reality was, and probably still is, that there was no real important reason for me to have a smartphone. Jordan's company paid for his blackberry. My company barely paid for my parking (still love you MCP!).

So, we moved to St. Louis and his new company doesn't pay for the data plan, but once you give a boy a smartphone you can't take it away. So, we sold the Verizon blackberry and purchased the Sprint one. I just wanted you guys to know that we changed plans for my husband. I still did not have a smartphone, I still did not have a real need for one... until our lives became a little bit busier and we were able to rationalize the purchase.

The great thing about having a guy who loves technology as much as Jordan does is he wants me to love and have techy things as much as he does. So, when Sprint came out with the Palm Centro, fig.1, he was all over me having this thing. What we didn't think through and what we are painfully learning right now is that I have no shred of desire to be *techy* or learn how this phone operates. I love the idea of having it, but I want it to be setup
NOW. I want my email to be there and I want it to work how I think it should work. I don't want to be the person who actually learns it and I really don't think I should be the person who has to read the 500 manuals to stuffed into the box the size of my fist in order to know how my phone works.


Ah marriage. We were driving home last night after realizing, painfully realizing, how we may have prematurely purchased this phone for me. How can we make this work? We have two totally different philosophies on this... I think he should learn it for me and do it for me. He thinks I should learn it on my own (it is my phone after all...)

When we purchased the Centro we also purchased the Pearl- his Christmas present. At one point I said what he was already thinking, "I should have just gone with the Pearl (a tad more than the Centro...). You already know the Blackberry system and this would be SO much easier! You could set your new phone up and then set mine up". And in his quiet and foreseeable wisdom he remarked, "Lady, you are a question person... so I see pluses and minuses to you having the same phone as me."

He is completely correct on that one. Even as we sat watching the Mizzou-Kansas game last night (and I hate football) it was everything within me to not bombard them with questions about why
this happened in the play and why that didn't happen. If we had the same phone I would drive him even more up the wall he already is.

These phones for each other were/are our Christmas presents, yes dreadfully early, and I'm ruining the satisfaction he has in his new Pearl and the little happiness he was going to take in me having the Centro... but dude... someone needs to set this friggin' thing up. Think the Sprint people will? Doubt it.

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