Sunday, October 14, 2007

A. Hummell

I will often wake up with these pounding migraines/headaches. They are too distant or I am too out of it too fully *come to* and actually take action, so it is sometimes hours before I can silence the anguish that now disturbs my sleep. When it is just a bad headache I am almost pleased... hello Excedrin Migraine! That acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine combo is just wickedly good in the morning. Anyway, the time it takes me to cognitively realize I need this blessed drug is when I have these bizarre dreams. I mean bizarre. And side note: I just managed to spell "bizarre" incorrectly twice. Second time it was so wrong spell check couldn't even make out what it was. My children are doomed. I was going to tell you about this dream, but as I am waking up more I am realizing it isn't so weird and not so funny. I'll give you some key characters and points and locales.
1. Chili
2. Me driving a big wheel down highway 51 in Chattanooga during Sunday Morning church rush hour
3. Dinner guests with not enough chili (the character "chili" shows up twice)
4. bratwurst
5. RV's
And that's that.

I have to apologize to Marme for my inconsistencies lately... with the laptop being shipped off and my inability to walk upstairs on a fairly normal basis and with the Gestapo at work monitoring my Internet, it is just too much for all this
and those forwards;)

Lot of fun times at the Chapell home lately. Home improvements, house guests, a third thing because everything is better in 3's.

Aubren came to visit us. So much fun and just refreshing to catch up. She reminded me that it has been over a year and a half since we've seen one another! Yikes! That is just too long for friends to go... it's sad. Though it does make trips like this that much more enjoyable. Crazy times. We went to the Botanical gardens and got seriously lost. Somehow we ended up on or beside Tower Grove Park... not sure how we wandered that far, but, rest assured we made our way back. This was our best picture together from the Gardens:

We pretended like we were the sculptures:
We disagreed on what the sculptures were (Aubren thought this one was a hippo when it is clearly a monkey. Ok, so maybe it was the other way around... but that is a weird looking monkey) Also, why is the animal holding a small manchild and why is he holding the manchild's ears? Is the monkey saying something crude?:
Pretty Pretty Aubren:
We taught Aubren some of the St. Louis traditions/ways. She quickly adapted. Because she is who she is and does what she does she should be frequenting the Chapell home. This makes me happy. I mean look at her. Wouldn't this make you happy?

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