Monday, September 03, 2007

gentle giants and g-parents

see the picture above? so now, all of you friends of ours who say, "oh S is so tall... she is sooo much taller than J". *i am not taller than jordan* do you see how small i am in comparison to that life size statue of Robert Wadlow? i'm tiny! so this should end the debate, though the debate ended 8.25.07 @ our house with us proving to you all, but whatever.

r.w. was huge, arguably the largest man ever. no... actually he was. guinness book, i promise. he was alton's gentle giant. i like the word gentle. we had fun taking pictures in front of him, especially comparing how small our feet are compared to him. i wonder if his ghost is just tired from all the hoopla. i bet it is.

we drove to alton, il today to visit with jordan's g-daddy and g-mommy and i have to tell you guys, it was good times. lots of corn fields in just a sweet little town. we munched on watermelon and sipped on lemonade while hearing about the fam and old stories from way back. i love hearing g-parents tell stories. they are just so good at it! that generation is just fascinating... all they lived through. jordan's other g-daddy, his g-father, is totally morgan freeman's twin. it is unreal.

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