Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i park on the red floor.

i park my car on the red floor of the parking garage everyday. everyday, everyday, everyday.

so about once every other week *slight exaggeration* the elevator that I use to take up to my car randomly stops on the 3rd floor, the green floor. i don't know why, the button isn't pushed. it is frustrating because i don't pay enough attention, and though each floor of the garage is painted these outrageously bold colors, i just get off and pass by as if if is red. i then walk towards my car, or where it should be, and am so shocked when my car isn't there and say very matter-of-factly
and out loud, "are you kidding me? someone stole my car... i swear." it isn't until i reach into my purse for my phone and then notice the green all around me. i then usually try to figure out how i got off on the 3rd floor when i didn't push the 3rd floor and after several times of this taking place i concluded that someone on the 3rd floor pushed it and then decided to just walk.

however today marked a new twist to this very bothersome game that the elevator gods use to taunt me on my exit from work. i went up to the 9th floor to help a co-worker take some boxes to their car, and took the elevator down, pushed the red floor button, and proceeded to my car. again, i was surrounded by green. how does this happen? why am i the victim of wrong-elevator-button-somethingness? surely there must be some sort of wrongdoing taking place on the 4th/red floor several minutes before i arrive that if i happened upon would lead to my ultimate harm. i am fine with those conclusions... but i am just curious what exactly is "going down".

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Ruth said...

awesome story, i think there is someone watching those elevators and messing with your mind!
we should hang out again sometime.

ruth hope;)