Friday, August 24, 2007


i live in a house of high standards... and boy, when those standards are not met. trouble. no, that's a lie. a huge lie.


i married a musician and with that comes musical knowledge, song knowledge, lyric knowledge, artist knowledge, etc... and i like to consider myself someone who knows a little about music. not how to play or anything like that, but for crying out loud we are naming our first born daughter after a classic rock song.

this week, or rather in one day, i have failed MISERABLY in my knowledge for some key songs/artists. i not only feel like i failed myself, but i failed my husband. *sigh* it has been quite embarrassing.

1. at work: when a reference to cocaine was made as we discussed elton john eric clapton, i had no idea where they were going with that. it was in left field and clearly in reference to a unruly habit that needing urgent attention.

2. at lunch: i quickly referenced cat stevens as the artist of cat in the cradle, then followed that botch up with citing the true author, harry chapin's daughter as the "artist who died of anorexia".

3. at dinner: while attending a jackopierce concert with friends, i unfortunately mixed up please come to boston for allman brother's ramblin' man.

ouch, i fail at life.

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