Thursday, October 15, 2009

grace in the small things

I've been more than a little under the weather.
* I've been under the weather.
* The weather has consumed and taken over me.
* Me no longer exists for the weather hath dominated my entire being.

I was a tad bit dramatic with Jordan earlier this week. And while I really didn't want to die, I was so consumed with how I felt (read: not good) that the task at hand, successfully driving home, seemed just overwhelming. How do you drive home when all you want to do is slam your car into the back of another? That act will actually prohibit you from successfully driving home. At that point you can consider that task unsuccessful, incomplete, etc.

Rest assured I made it and thanks to a little friend I call Butorphanol Tartrate Nasal Spray I fell in and out of consciousness for the next 6-12 hours. Really it is less of a friend and more of a Plan E when there are only six plans on file and the sixth is, well, you can imagine... not good. So, Plan E it was.
Kids, Plan E is nothing to play with. Promise.

I was going somewhere with this... feeling miserable, taking medicine I loath taking, light at the end of the tunnel! Yes! Gift Ink and Flair Designery!

Amanda at Gift Ink hosted a giveaway that I won! And the best part of all, Abby of Flair Designery is local here in Saint Louis! Local as in Webster Groves people! Who doesn't love to support the local artists? So pop on over to both Abby and Amanda's blog... they are both just lovely:) Talk about grace in the small things... So moral of the story is, don't get sick so that you don't have to take medicine you hate to take, do participate in giveaways online and do support the local artists.
Their sites:
Gift Ink-
Flair Designery-

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Design A-Peele said...

you are so dramatic:) love it! glad you won amanda's giveaway!!