Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye Aveeno..

After reading this post about rinsing hair in vinegar I took to the web for more info on the treatment. I figure now is the time to do it as I am severely congested these days. Really the only smells strong enough for me to notice are Toby's toots. Surely the smell of vinegar can't bother me too much. Tomorrow morning I am going to start. Other info found here and here.

Since the first post didn't discuss baking soda I had not planned on implementing that- other than the smell of vinegar the process didn't seem too *out there*. I'm undecided on replacing shampoo with baking soda.

Input please!

Have you heard of doing this, and if so what is it like? Success stories and horror stories welcomed. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

If I don't forget (remember, severely ADD), I'll update you on it. I'm feeling pretty skeptical about the whole process, but who knows!


Mama Hutch said...

well if i told you how often i actually wash my hair you may not trust my hair advice. so how bout you try the vinegar and i'll try the baking soda and we can swap results. believe me, with my hair care 'routine' (also known as baby shampoo 2x per week), baking soda can't hurt.

HumbuckerChapell said...

Ah and your hair always looks so healthy!