Tuesday, May 08, 2007


My mother e-mailed me sweetly asking what a "humbucker" was. I did not have an answer for her.
When I started this blog almost a year ago (and then allowed it to just sit for 11 months) I asked Jordan what I should name it. His first answer was, Humbucker. I like the sound of it and I am a shallow enough person to hear something, fancy it, not investigate it and just run with it. So I did.
So when my mom emailed me I asked Jordan to explain what a humbucker was as I quickly responded to my mom's email. I felt this sense of pride as if I was taking ownership in my husband's passion for music. Sad thing is, about 15 minutes later my mom called verbally asking what it was and I, being just enough ADD, was unable to recall any of what Jordan told me and what I typed- except the part about B.B. King. B.B. King is known for using a humbucker pickup in his guitars... so I pay tribute to the man.

**A humbucker is two single coil pickups that cancel each other's hiss, so it creates a really quiet pickup.

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